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Waiting Daughter

Have you ever missed the people you’ve never met before? Strange indeed, but as that’s what I feel when looking forward to the birth of my son. More or less another month we will meet face to face … aka he would be born into this world.
Not just missed, but also mixed with feelings of worry, anxiety, restless aka controversy as experienced teenagers-teen age social media now. The first is whether the turmoil I could really be a good dad to my son? Sometimes it appears a sense not confident, but no one was born to be a father. All dads now definitely had them is a man who learned to be a father.
The second is the turmoil of fear about the condition of my son, are all the members of his body is complete and perfect? What is the spiritual soul and perfect? Indeed there is now technology that allows it to do a reply from my worried regarding his physical, namely ULTRASOUND 4 d, but still if you do not see it directly is not satisfied. What about his soul, sometimes appears scared if there is an error that I and my wife did for her in the womb so that affect psychiatric? whether he will be born as a normal child? and a variety of questions including whether the controversy he will be born happy, etc..
The third is the turmoil regarding the selection childbirth process is it normal or cesar? Fortunately my wife choose normal and I support it. Sometimes I pity to see it first when the trouble my future girl belly dancing exercises active in her mother. And he did it almost every day without a pause of a day, especially if the beat of dangdut koplo music sounds. I could not bear to see her have to trouble and was exhausted again at the time of delivery. Could just try normal but if it turns out in the end keep cesar also mending from the beginning it was decided for ratings only. All tired without delay ber hours. But still it appears the turmoil whether operations will be smoothly or there will be a hindrance? We pray and believe everything will be fine. Amen!!!

The child is indeed an incredible gift from God. Not a few couples who have to wait years to get it even should be adopted, but that does not mean they are not blessed by God. Not at all. Therefore fear and turmoil it is reasonable, it is merely an advance up the gift of God.
May God Almighty give strength to my wife and my son and the perfection of the process of childbirth next month. Hopefully the turmoil and anxiety it generates tremendous happiness for my family and a lot of people. Beg your prayers.

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